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My career in music began in 1999, at age 19 when my best friends and I started Default. Little did we know, our first single "Wasting My Time" would explode in North America, and that sales of our first album would exceed 1-million copies. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for our Producers, our story would not be the same. 

Default's success afforded me the experience of working with and learning from some incredible pros. Producers like Chad Kroeger,  Joey Moi, Rick Parashar, and Bob Marlette. When I stumbled into my first producing gig in 2003, I already had a decent working knowledge of the process. 

It was also that first producing gig that hooked me. I started learning to engineer and mix, and took every gig I could. After nearly 10 years I got my first success as a producer with One Bad Son's self-titled debut album, which in 2013 was the 9th most played record on Canadian rock radio with 4 singles. The band and I prepared a lot for this album, spending over a year on writing and pre-production. The result really cemented for me the importance of preparation. 

I have also held honesty in a very high regard throughout my career. I'm not afraid to have the hard conversations with artists. It's in both our best interests for the songs to be the best they can be and for the project to have the best chance of success.

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